CADEN’s offering is different to the quantity based stock models of our competitors.



CADEN’s offering is different to the quantity based stock models of our competitors. Our business model is designed to feel like another division of your business. We only engage in partnerships where we are entirely confident that we can deliver outstanding results. We firmly believe we should choose our clients as carefully as our clients should choose us.

At CADEN we acknowledge that commercial leasing services are changing, and in many instances, our services are an extension to the in-house skills and expertise of our clients. Therefore our independence and versatility puts us in a position of strength and allows us to partner with our clients in a capacity that yields maximum benefit for them.


1. Service Leasing - Existing Buildings

CADEN provide end to end leasing services for Brisbane CBD buildings owners.  Our leasing model is quite different to the quantity based stock models of the full-service property agencies. Our platform is extremely versatile as we tailor each leasing campaign to each property. We believe this gives our clients a much higher degree of personal service and focus on their buildings.

CADEN design specific leasing campaigns for our client’s to give each property a unique selling proposition. We don’t sell bricks and mortar, we sell a story and it’s extremely powerful. We focus on ensuring, unlike most properties, that our properties are well branded, to elevate them from being just a commodity amongst many others, to something with unique character.

We take a lot of time to identify exactly the right types of tenants for each property and we market heavily towards those groups. This method creates genuine demand and a much greater level of competition for space, which means our clients are less exposed to competing purely on price. It is pointless trying to sell something to someone that doesn’t want it. That seems obvious, yet it happens over and over again in the commercial leasing industry.

CADEN are not shy in leveraging our independence. We are not blocked by our own structure and we are not conflicted by a multitude of other business lines. We are therefore free to target a much greater pool of prospective tenants.

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2. Project Marketing - New Developments

Having worked on more than 265,000m2 of new development stock in Brisbane’s CBD and inner fringe markets (at previous agencies) CADEN have great knowledge and experience in pre-leasing and marketing major commercial development projects. Many developers now have a broad level of in-house leasing expertise and larger national portfolio relationships with major tenants. CADEN’s model is designed to complement the developer, not compete with them.

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3. Marketing/Brand Development Advisory

‘The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand you are a commodity.” Philip Kotler

CADEN provides a unique marketing and brand development service for our clients that significantly challenges the usual parameters laid out by an otherwise traditional marketplace. The true power of marketing and branding is used very ineffectively in the commercial leasing space but it is as vital to the success of leasing a building as having the right product to show people. We design leasing campaigns that give properties a unique selling proposition. We don’t sell bricks and mortar, we sell a story and it’s extremely powerful.

CADEN have a specialised in-house marketing team dedicated to marketing our properties throughout the appointment. Every step of the marketing and branding program is tailored to suit the subject property and aligned to create cut through with our target tenant market. CADEN produce many of the marketing and branding solutions themselves and on occasion collaborate with other consultants to bring them to life. Building owners that see marketing and branding as a driver of sales rather than a cost centre can expect to see a significant increase in the level of tenant demand at their properties.

4. Asset Repositioning Reports - Existing buildings

Our asset repositioning reports are an extension of our brand development. The nature of the way in which people are working is changing and therefore it is more critical than ever to ensure that capital is reinvested in areas where tenants are going to see value. Asset repositioning is about shifting the perception of a property in the eyes of tenant’s. Our independent reports are used by landlords to guide their refurbishment programs.

5. Acquisition Leasing Advice

As experienced Brisbane landlords seek to expand their portfolios and new investors enter the market, CADEN provide various levels of advice to assist purchasers in assessing the future leasing risk of their prospective purchases. Our reports are designed to offer buyers an insight into the challenges they may expect in any future leasing campaign. As CADEN is entirely independent we have the freedom to be truly impartial with our commentary.

6. Transactional Structuring Advice/Reporting

The structure of proposed leasing transactions can have dramatic impacts on property valuations. CADEN provide advisory services to buildings owners looking for assistance in this regard.