About Us



Established in 2014, CADEN is Brisbane’s first independent Office Leasing business, working in partnership with building owners and developers.

CADEN is the creation of David Prosser, a renowned innovator in Brisbane’s commercial real estate industry. It was not only his deep desire to constantly challenge mainstream attitudes, but also an ongoing demand from building owners for a unique and staunchly independent leasing platform that lead to the creation of CADEN Office Leasing.



Caden’s Leasing Agents are known in the market for getting the job done. Our agents are meticulous in their approach and work vigilantly until their client has the best outcome possible. We thrive on knowing the Brisbane leasing market like the back of our hands. Our leasing agents take into account every detail when working with our diverse clients. We offer a specialised service to each client, as we know, not one business is the same. Caden has a big agency mindset with the small business touch.

Meet the team




CADEN’s clients can expect to be met with a level of strategic preparation and innovation for the leasing of their properties that is unrivalled within the industry. Our courage to ignore consensus, when our own data and foresight is contrary to the wisdom of the crowd, is elevating our clients from participants to winners in a fiercely competitive market.

CADEN’s vision is to provide our clients with the best operators in the industry whilst maintaining a culture of customer service excellence.