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5 reasons you should move into a Brisbane City office

Brisbane is booming, and it’s a great time to consider moving your business into a Brisbane City Office to take advantage of this premium location. After the economic and political uncertainty of the last few years, the city is now experiencing a period of stability and growth for many businesses.

Not only is there plenty of great office space to choose from, but small businesses can access the many services and facilities that the city offers. If you’re thinking of moving into the city, read on and find out why you should move your office to the Brisbane CBD.

1. Position your business as a leader

There’s a certain prestige associated with a CBD address. For many businesses, moving from the city fringe into the CBD signals growth and success, and allows you to position your business as a leader. This is a great way to improve your brand image for current and prospective customers, as well as suppliers and even competitors.

2. Access everything on your doorstep

The city is known for offering the ultimate in access to all of the services and facilities your business and your team need every day. From easy access to public transport, including major transport hubs like Central Station and King George Square Bus Station, to dining, gyms, and shopping – everything is within reach.

Being centrally located with access to so many amenities makes it easier for your team to balance work and life, and makes you more attractive as an employer.

3. Attract and retain staff

With so much convenience for employees, and a strong brand image, a CBD office can also help your business attract and retain quality team members. If you want to build a formidable team, don’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed, contemporary office space, as well as established onsite amenities such as end of trips and ground floor retail when securing quality staff.

4. Negotiate a great deal

Over the last five years, Brisbane has experienced a sustained period of high vacancy rates in the commercial office leasing space. As businesses have changed their structure, relocated or moved to the city fringe, more office space has opened up in the CBD. This has created a steady supply of commercial office space right across the CBD, and increased competition for building owners and landlords, creating opportunities for tenants to lease space with favourable terms.

5. Great office spaces available

As competition has increased, building owners and landlords have become more proactive. Landlords are committed to finding better ways to present office spaces, including the creation of contemporary speculative fit-outs for prospective tenants to consider. Many of the CBD buildings have seen general upgrades too, with revamped foyers, elevators and other communal spaces, making these buildings an attractive proposition for tenants looking to move into the city.

It’s a great time to move your small business to the CBD. There are plenty of modern offices to choose from, with all of the services and facilities you need each day within easy reach. Small businesses will benefit from the prestige that comes with a CBD address, and this central location can make you an attractive employer for top talent. With high vacancy rates, proactive landlords and favourable terms to be negotiated, it’s a prime time to secure office space in Brisbane’s CBD.

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