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End of Trip Facilities – The New Normal

Employees have moved with the times adapting their method of transport into the office. With this change, building owners have had to adjust to coincide with employee’s health kick. The exercise boom over the last 20 years has seen End of Trip (EOT) facilities become an essential amenity within almost every office tower in the Brisbane CBD. To be exact there is just a mere 19% of Brisbane office towers within the CBD that don’t currently have an EOT onsite.

So what is an End of Trip Facility? EOT facilities are areas within an office building that are intended to help people who walk, cycle or jog to work, or for those who enjoy exercising during their lunch break, an amenity to help employees get ready or freshen up for their workday.

Specifically, they include bike racks, lockers, showers, changing rooms and depending on the building, laundry services, irons and hair dryers. Some buildings like 127 Creek Street have implemented special features like a cool down station which other buildings don’t offer its occupiers. In accordance with the Queensland Development Code, any new major developments across the CBD now requires that end of trip facilities be designed and installed. With a big advantage to them being the fact they aren’t specific to any type of office or business type and can benefit almost any individual working within the CBD.

An EOT facility can enhance and encourage employees to utilise non-motorised transport options such as jogging, walking, and riding to work. These options promote a healthier lifestyle for all employees and inadvertently enhance productivity and mental health. Additionally, another key advantage to the facility is that it reduces the amount of car parks tenants will need within their office. For both smaller and larger tenants this will cut down on some major costs that are otherwise factored towards their annual rent.

A survey conducted by the Sydney Active Transport found that “19% of cyclists rode to work more regularly because their workplace made it easier” through the implementation of EOT facilities. This recent increase, especially over the last 5-10 years has been essential for the well-being and health of many employees.  As such, they have become a core requirement for many CBD office towers and have played important roles in securing tenants to different buildings. Thus, driving landlords and building owners to now not only just provide EOT facilities but, to make sure they are of high standard and good quality.

As time progresses and EOT’s become an expected feature within every office tower, older assets will need to look to install EOT’s in order to be competitive within the leasing market. An example of this would be 15 Adelaide Street and 239 George who have just recently installed EOT facilities within the last 12 months to secure higher-grade tenants and improve their asset.

If you are unsure if you have an EOT within your office building, contact your Property Manager who will allow you access and provide you with information on the facilities available.

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