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360 Degree Agency Find Their Endpoint at 150 Edward Street

16 January 2020

Previously located at 200 Adelaide Street, the Portuguese founded education specialists were seeking a short term lease in a tenancy that was able to accommodate their growing business – the prerequisite being a bespoke open plan workspace.

The business’s Director, Mara Marquez cited key factors of growth, location and the desire to expand their marketing and consumer base, as the motivation to move to 150 Edward Street. With the ever-present volume of foot traffic on Edward Street, not to mention its proximity to QUT, Southbank TAFE and other providers and, crucially, the main transport lines such as Central Station, Myer Centre busway and the Queen Street Mall, the business is certainly geared for growth and exposure.

150 Edward Street offered a unique opportunity on the third floor, presenting a 170 square meter space blank canvas. With plans already set in place by Hillier Carter Properties, the floor was scheduled to be separated into 3 smaller suites consisting of 36sqm, 39sqm and 95sqm respectively. The largest suite had a pre-commitment in place, while the two smaller suites were constructed with a vision to act as incubator spaces in the short to mid-term. A 36sqm blank canvas was eventually made available and was secured for 360 Degree’s residence over the next 3 years. With the shopfront in direct line of sight to the lifts, this has also offered terrific exposure and frontage to any and all visiting clientele.

The prevalence of Education and Migration specialists in Brisbane has continued to grow over the last 5 years, with increased opportunities for foreign students seeking Tertiary study at any of Queensland’s top institutions. 150 Edward Street has proven to be one of a handful of inner-city assets that has opened its horizons up to these services and 360 have grasped this opportunity with both hands.

For any Commercial Leasing inquiries or for more information on this particular transaction, don’t hesitate to contact Chris Jenkins on 0413 506 179, or alternatively chris.jenkins@caden.com.au.

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