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Genuine Legal Secures Final Vacancy at 247 Adelaide St

9 July 2020

Having been previously based in Milton for the past three (3) years, the Genuine team felt that moving into the Brisbane CBD was the practical next step to continue to ensure continual advances along the business’s growth plan, as well as heightening it’s professional perception.

Given the general confidentiality essential within the Law profession, Genuine Legal required an office and meeting room intensive layout to accommodate the privacy needs of their lawyers and solicitors.

However, like most businesses currently, Genuine Legal also wanted to maintain flexibility and agility to be able to adapt with the uncertain times and current economic conditions, should they need to.

Logically, to secure the best terms for both landlord and tenants, it is within the interest of both parties to secure a lease on the longest term possible. To achieve this, Genuine Legal had the choice of settling in an existing fit out, or to negotiate with a Landlord who would compromise and be aggressive on providing terms to enable the construction of a more modern fit out. Due to their office intensive fit out requirement, it made sense for the law firm to seek an existing fit out to ensure every prerequisite was met and the best outcome was achieved overall.

After inspecting a number of options in the CBD, Genuine Legal discovered 247 Adelaide Street, an extremely accessible and central office building located next to Post Office Square and adjacent to Anzac Square. The boutique building ticked all of their boxes, included a meeting-room-heavy front of house and provided a good balance of offices and workstations in the back of house.

The owners of the building worked closely with Genuine Legal and were able to quickly secure amicable terms to finalise the lease within the building. Motivation on both ends made for a speedy negotiation and timely occupation of this excellent office space.

Chris Chapman negotiated this lease, for more information please contact Chris at chris.chapman@caden.com.au or 0401 153 992.

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