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5 Benefits of Occupying a Whole Floor Office Space

Instead of taking a portion of office space on a large split floor, here are 5 benefits of choosing to occupy a private whole floor office space.

This article looks at why some businesses like to identify office buildings (for lease) where they have the ability to occupy the entire floor of office space, independently. Instead of taking a small portion of a large floor, shared with a number of other tenants, more and more businesses are choosing to lease fully private, full-floor offices in buildings with suitably sized floor plates. Subsequently, having a private whole floor office can provide businesses with various benefits, five of which we have outlined below. These include:

1. Branding and Fit Out Opportunities

Firstly, consider the perception opportunities of having all on-floor presentation dedicated to only your business. Occupying a whole office floor allows any branding, within the main entrance to your office and also directly seen from the lifts, to be for your business alone. As soon as your clients step out onto the floor, your business’s signage will be prominent, as opposed to it being either ‘off centre’ or positioned around a corner with no lift presence whatsoever.

By occupying a whole floor for your office space, your business will be the only one that visitors see, which can have a very powerful impact on their immediate perception of you. This may portray you as being more significant due to being able to secure such prominent exposure on the floor. Or, for smaller businesses, it may give clients the impression that you have a much larger office space and are therefore more sizeable business than what you actually are.

Leasing a whole floor may also give you greater scope to decide on the design and finish of your office fit out. For example, you may not require a typical shop-front with security doors, and so changing the design to something open plan could create a more welcoming entrance statement. The look and feel of a fit out makes a significant difference for staff and clients, and fortunately, on private floors you are able to be as eccentric or as conservative as you wish, without having to consider the needs of other tenants. Essentially you have the freedom to decide; you may be working with a blank canvas and therefore will benefit from a greater level of flexibility in creating a powerful branding statement through fit out design.

Taking the route of leasing an entire office floor to yourself is all about creating a specific perception and really focusing on taking advantage of the picture created.

2. Lift Lobby Branding

Depending upon the Landlord’s final requirements, a tenant may also have the ability to influence the finishes within the on-floor lift lobby, to ensure that they complement the finishes chosen within the tenant’s front-of-house. If done well, this could create a very effective whole floor experience and further enhance the tenant’s positioning/branding statement.

3. Eliminating Competitors

Leasing a whole floor office space allows you to eliminate any concern surrounding a direct competitor positioning themselves on the same floor. The threat of signing a long-term lease only to have a competing firm take space on the same level, is a real one. It can also be compounded if the other firm actually manages to secure an office in a better position on the floor, giving the impression that they are in fact more dominant, by default, which may not be the case. This is particularly important for professional services firms.

4. Security and Accessibility

By being the only tenant on an office floor you may also be able to control the security of your floor. Specifically, you may be able to choose the hours in which the floor is locked or unlocked, you may prefer that the floor only be accessible via swipe card, even during normal business hours (generally 8am – 6pm). If you are sharing an office floor with other tenants it is very unlikely that they would agree to this and therefore the landlord would need to ensure that the floor is accessible during these times.

If there are no other businesses on your floor it may be that you choose to be a little more liberal in terms of locking doors or putting equipment away, given the only people that are on the floor are people from your own team.

5. On-Floor Amenities

Although this is not a major contributing factor in the decision making for most businesses, occupying a whole floor office also allows for the luxury of not having to share the on-floor amenities with other businesses. Therefore, it might happen that you have some extra control around the general cleanliness and hygiene of the bathrooms, kitchens and on-floor shower/s (if in situ).


Leasing a whole floor office space is an excellent concept for businesses of many sizes; it provides branding, privacy, independence from competing businesses, security at all times and privacy of separate on-floor amenities. These spaces aren’t available in all office buildings but can be arranged in buildings with suitably sized floor-plates that may match your office leasing brief.

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