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Installing Power and Data In Your Office – The Process and Costs

Moving into a new office space? Make sure you’re aware of any power and data cabling updates that may need completing to get your new space move-in ready.
When looking at new office premises it is important to know if the tenancies you are considering are already set-up with power-points and data-points, and furthermore whether the number of points (for both) are sufficient for your needs.

It is often the case that only tenancies with ‘existing’ fitouts (those previously occupied) come with power-points and/or data-points already in place, therefore it is important to check exactly what level of infrastructure is already in place and what costs are associated with the cabling installation before making a final commitment to a space, particularly if it is a newly fitted tenancy.

Power-points are a simple fix. These can be installed quickly and cost effectively throughout a tenancy. Staff are now working with multiple devices which typically means more power outlets will be required. It is important to consider the number of power outlets needed to ensure your staff are fully catered for whilst at their desks and within collaboration spaces.

In terms of data installation, you can expect to pay for the installation of a wall mounted data rack and associated Cat6 cabling (will change in the future) to workstations and meeting rooms. All new outlets should be tested, and a copy of the results provided by your service provider. In addition, installation of under-desk soft wiring supports will also be required to ensure all cables are tucked away. Every business’s requirement will be different, so it is important to have an IT professional on hand to understand your needs.

If the workstations are not close enough to a wall or void, ‘umbilical cord’ cable trays may be required to have the cabling run from the ceiling to the work-points.

Most qualified electricians will be able to carry out these works. The cost to install power and data-points throughout an office space generally ranges from $55/m2 – $75/m2 depending upon the final requirements of the tenant.

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