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Occupancy over 90% for standout North Quay tower

21 March 2020

Having acquired some senior staff and with an impending lease expiry, Howden Saggers were in a growth phase and saw a golden opportunity to relocate from their existing fit out on Adelaide St. It is not overly common for a business to move from a more central site to a North Quay location, with the trend more being for fringe based tenants to make a soft entry to the CBD in North Quay, but this lease deal is testament to the quality of 193 North Quay’s value offering and superior product, able to attract a tenant from the CBD core.

Although somewhat late to the party, Howden Saggers were accommodated by Archway Commercial Interiors and were allowed full input into the design of their office alongside a new fit out being built for a growing internal tenant. All parties were required to move quickly to ensure that plans, lease documents and construction were all done right and on time.

Such a lease structure was perfect for the incoming tenant as particular details such as the size of the offices required were quite specific to Howden Saggers’ needs, but able to be facilitated given their willingness to commit to a longer lease term and their engagement in the space prior to the fit out commencing. This resulted in a spectacular-looking fit out absolutely fit for purpose for Howden Saggers’ line of work.

With works underway onsite for two tenants, Landlord, Kyko Group took the opportunity to double down and construct another spec fit out on the remainder of the floor. This 142sqm spec fit out features four (4) offices; six (6) workstations; a kitchenette; utilities bay; reception and waiting area; and, boardroom and meeting room. This office suite is designed in a way that will be conducive to business in the legal sector, as well as resources, engineering, construction and the accounting fields. It presents beautifully and will be a great long term home for a smaller business conscious of their presentation to clients.

Contact Lewis Harper at lewis.harper@caden.com.au for more information on 193 North Quay.

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