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Recently Merged NES Fircroft Settle Into Kyko’s 201 Charlotte Street

28 January 2021

Recently merged NES Fircroft have started the new year with a fresh office at Kyko Group’s 201 Charlotte St.

After a few months of searching the market for office space under the NES Global Talent banner, the company merged with the competing resources industry recruitment business Fircroft and came back to the market with a revised brief. After the merger the business’s space requirement grew by over 50%. Having come out of serviced offices, and also on account of the COVID environment, NES had a strong preference to retain flexibility and not over commit to a long term lease.

Given the expanded space requirement, NES were eager to secure a space that was fresh but did not extend their budget too much. Fortunately for NES they came across Level 2 at 201 Charlotte St. Built under previous ownership the Level 2 suites were targets for the new building owner to lease quickly, having been vacant for an extended period of time.

As a result, NES were able to secure a previously unoccupied fit out at a great rate for such a quality of fit out, as well as on their desired short term lease.

Lewis Harper negotiated the lease, for more information contact him on 0437 187 659 or lewis.harper@caden.com.au

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